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Fitness: Awesome Apps

Whether you’re looking to start a new fitness routine or get a new lease on your current one, technology can help. With our ever more mobile society, when it comes to fitness, there’s an app for that. Here are 5 of the Best Fitness Apps.


Nike Plus

Both Yvonne and I use Nike Plus to track our workouts: Yvonne for her runs and me for my walks. And it works great for both kinds of exercising. Nike Plus uses GPS to let you know how far you’ve run and it also times you, giving you either your per-mile timing or in my case, just let me keep track of my total workout time. The Nike Plus app lets you share your workout results with your Facebook friends, or if you prefer, you can keep it private. The app integrates with your music library, and even has motivational and inspirational messages to get you going. (For iOs and Android.)


7 Minute Workout

The 7-minute workout gained fame both for the science behind it and for what sounds like the easiest way ever to get fit. Of course, no route to fitness is as easy as pie, but the 7-minute workout is a good overall workout, whether you do it from memory or with the App. The idea is to work out very intensely, in 1-minute bursts, doing 7 different exercises. The App times you and tells you which exercise to do next. (Several versions available; For iOs and Android.)



Fitocracy applies elements of game theory to fitness, offering challenges, quests and a point system to the mix in an effort to make exercising more fun, and therefore more addictive. Fitocracy also adds a social element to the mix, allowing you to share with and compete against your FB friends and Twitter followers. (For iOs and Android.)


Look Better Naked

This app is based on the book Look Better Naked by the editor-in-chief of Women’s Health magazine, Michele Promaulayko. It’s a customizable diet and exercise planner that syncs with iCal sends reminders, notifications and even offers tips and motivational statements. (For iOs only.)


1000 Exercises

This app contains, as its name would imply, 1000 exercises, with photos and video how-tos to get you started or to shake up your current workout. It also includes the ability to track your progress and syncs with your other iOs devices. (For iOs only.)

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